WMF Profi Plus Silicone Ball Whisk 12.5 inch

Tasks such as preparing, cooking and serving are made easy with the right tools. Profi Plus has the perfect tool for every task!

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The Ball Whisk from WMF has been judged as "the best" by chefs and gourmet publications alike. It's functionality is hard to beat. The patented design allows the individually ball tipped wires to reach all surface areas. The motion of mixing causes the balls and wires to vibrate, increasing the effectiveness of the mixing motion, as more air is introduced into the mixture. This helps smooth out lumps and incorporates the ingredients better. There are multiple sizes to reach into various sizes of pots or bowls.

• 18/10 stainless steel handles (satin finish) with heat resistant silicone heads that won't scratch non-stick surfaces
• Perfect for both the professional and home chef
• Ergonomically designed for optimal balance and comfort
• Functional, durable and elegantly designed
• Extremely hygienic with seamless & watertight head/handles
• Hanging loop for easy storage
• Dishwasher safe
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

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